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The focus of technical search engine optimization is on optimizing the technical aspects of a website in order to raise the positions of its individual pages in the results returned by search engines. This is done in an effort to attract more visitors to the website (SEO).


How does website analysis work?

An evaluation of a website's performance on important criteria like search engine optimization (SEO), speed, traffic, and user experience is known as a website analysis (UX).
For a firm to stay relevant to consumers and website visitors, consistent website analysis is essential to reaching all these critical criteria.

The Advantages Of Website Analysis

Feedback on website performance and user experience is provided via website analysis. Every business wants to see improved leads and money, thus these two elements are essential.
Some of the benefits of undertaking website analysis are listed below.
1. A website analysis identifies places where your website can be updated and improved.
2. Your data and outcomes may have an impact on your visitor-attraction efforts.
3. Although it is rarely mentioned, analysing the websites of your rivals might help you find the right keywords and content to use to attract new visitors.

100+ quality checks in our analyses

Webtoils gathers a tonne of information on the structure of your website's pages in addition to measuring how quickly they load (HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS, etc.). Then, this information is examined and compared to our 100+ best practises for on-page SEO, online performance, security, and accessibility.
Get an overall quality score and thorough results in a flash so you can quickly comprehend the problems that were found and their effects so you may apply the appropriate adjustments.

Detailed optimization guidance

Webtoils not only identifies the problems and shortfalls associated with your website, but also offers prioritised solutions. Due to input from our 100+ users, our improvement recommendations are ranked according to their projected impact on business activity.
Our tool recognises the technologies used on your website (CMS, frameworks, etc.) and as a result provides highly tailored advice that is tailored to the technological environment of your website.
We offer the most comprehensive, ready-to-use solutions on the market as a consequence. Stop wasting time searching for the greatest optimization opportunities—Webtoils will do it for you!

We help businesses to increase online sales and growth

Webtoils is one of the leading digital marketing agency. We have hand-picked web developers which offers our clients a range of platforms with the best in professional web design and website development. Our search marketing team offers SEO services for growing, small and large companies that coordinate paid search efforts with management of Google Ads.