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The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time. Payment Gateway Integration
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Payment Gateway Inegration Services

Payment gateway is a web-based application that integrates into shopping cart eCommerce websites and gathers customer payment details at the check-out. Payment gateway application allows the website to securely accept credit / debit card payments in real time. As the technology becomes faster and safer, gateway payment services are becoming increasingly popular in Website Portal. Safe payment gateways help to produce more and quicker revenue when selling goods and services over a website.

We, Webtoils, as the leading IT consultant and web solutions provider, offers our customers the best-in – class payment gateway integration services in order to simplify payment processes using a selection of payment methods. Our years of extensive experience in this field enable us to deliver a reliable and customized service that enables you to select your service provider to integrate the payment portal without any problems. Our retention rate for customers is over 90%, telling us our success story by itself.

Every e-commerce site, whether a retail store, a ticketing site, a recharge site etc. is very important for a well-designed payment gateway. Not only does it enable users to make financial transactions at home, but it also enables them to do this within a few moments. Our service of integration enables your clients to use their mobiles, laptops, smart phones , tablets or other compatible devices to make online payments.

What Is Payment Gateway Intergration?

Payment Gateway is a service that automates the process of payment between the customer and the seller. It is typically a third party service that processes, verifies, and approves or refuses credit card , debit card and Net banking transactions on behalf of the merchant over secure Internet connections.

Payment gateways play a critical role in the eCommerce transaction cycle by approving payment between the seller and the customer.

When a customer orders from an online store, the payment gateway performs a number of tasks to finalize the transaction:

  • Encryption The web browser encrypts the data to be transmitted between the web server and the merchant. The Payment Gateway would then send transaction data to the payment processor.
  • Confirming the Order – The processor must then forward the authorization to the payment gateway. Once this response is received by the gateway, it transmits it. An interpretative and correct response is produced. Usually, this process takes just a few seconds at most. At this point, the merchant confirms the order.
  • Authorization Request – The payment processor sends the transaction details to the association of the token. The issuing bank card receives the request for authorization and “approves” or “denies.”

There are integration APIs that all payment gateways deliver. These APIs help the merchant(s) to integrate the payment gateway into their website. Merchant will incorporate the API offered by the payment gateway and, at the time of payment, the customer should land on the page hosted at the end of the payment gateway. All payment-related information, such as card details, bank availability, etc., is on the page itself.

Project Initiation

Project Owner takes up lead


Direct link of team members with client through skype

Support and Maintenance

30 days support and maintenance package

Quality Assurance

Test Plan and Test Scenario documents are prepared

Payment Gateway Integration Company

Integration of merchant account is a process by which payment is accepted on the website itself. You display your products and services on your website, and you can only pay online by using your credit card , debit card or on-line banking account, in any mode that you like. It facilitates effective communication with both of your financial institutions, between you and your customer. This gateway is a linkage across the internet between your website and the entire world.

If you want to reach more customers, your website needs a credit card processing facility. We are an intermediary of many companies and you can check out our part-list of providers since they offer the best payment portals.

Benifits Of Payment Gateway Integration

Dynamic service

Real-time payment

Fast transaction processing

Fraud Protection

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