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Slide Webtoils is a top leading PPC agency that focuses on your overall success. Whether you want to increase conversions, traffic to your website, or both, our PPC management services can help you achieve your goals. With hundreds of campaigns managed and 95 percent customer retention, Webtoils is the choice for PPC services. Pay Per Click Services Learn More

PPC Managment Services

Whic Make Your Sales Soar

With our PPC management services, Webtoils can deliver customized PPC campaigns to help you increase both conversions and revenue for your company. Some of the easiest ways to reach the most qualified customers is by using PPC or pay per-click ads. It allows you to reach them where they already look, and to gain a leg against the competitors.

We prefer to know the goals , objectives, targeted audience with regard to gender, location, age and other factors before preparing any strategies or plans relating to pay per click advert, to ensure that a strategy is prepared to deliver better results in accordance with these principles.

Our professional PPC study and thoroughly analyze your business sector’s market scenario, competitive, online marketing strategies, its target audience and others that help them perfectly to develop a PPC approach.

Get high traffic and boost conversions:

Fuel your website and watch your conversions explode with high-quality traffic. More than 3 billion searches are conducted each day. These searches are full of people who seek answers to their problems and solutions. A proportion of these searches involve problems solved by your company. You can bring new customers into your business immediately through the use of ppc management services.

Get immediate results:

Once your website has been set up, paid search ads will drive traffic instantly. You are instantly on the front page of Google, unlike organic search listings. But you pay for your search ads per click. It is important to ensure that you pay for conversion clicks. Furthermore, it is even more important that your conversion costs do not exceed your customers’ value.

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Why are our PPC management services unrivaled?

Our PPC management services allow you to take full account of all the information from your campaigns. To mid-size companies, we provide tailored approaches that help you to find PPC advertising resources that meet the campaign goals.

You can get the latest advertising technique to help target a precise market for all campaigns managed by Webtoils. We use our campaigns to encourage previous Google visitors in converting, matching Google customers and matching audiences to refine their target audience, etc.

You will have access to services such as international PPC campaign management, the establishment of one Unbounce page template, and website analysis reporting when you take it further and decide on our market leader planning.

What is included in our PPC management services?

You receive a turnkey resolution to design, manage , and improve your PPC strategy when selecting our PPC management services for your online ad management solution.

Get an overview of our advertising services for PPC:

  • We have a special representative for your account
  • For your company , industry and goals we create a custom PPC strategy.
  • We look for 500 to 15,000 keywords for your campaigns everywhere
  • We focus Google (such as search and view), Bing, YouTube, and Gmail.
  • We ‘re tracking up to 100 web-based phone calls
  • We report regularly to keep your company up to date

Project Initiation

Project Owner takes up lead


Direct link of team members with client through skype

Support and Maintenance

30 days support and maintenance package

Quality Assurance

Test Plan and Test Scenario documents are prepared

We’ve driven over 1,137,349 customer leads through digital marketing.

Why would you like to work with the PPC Agency?

pay per click service is an evolving process — it isn’t just a technique to “set it and forget it,” which takes time, it needs continuous changes in order to find the best possible results. If you’re a business owner who spends his time writing checks, ordering inventory, and managing a business, you ‘re unlikely to have time to run a pay per click campaign.

Agencies are moving in here. Hiring a pay per click agency to manage your campaign is one of the smartest business moves you can make, as you probably won’t have all the time you need to dedicate to nurturing your pay per click campaign.

You ‘re an expert in pay per click ? There is much to explore if you never studied pay per click before. In order to be successful in a campaign, it’s necessary to learn about pay per click, its working and the different techniques that are used in a campaign.


Brand Recognition

Targeted keywords help increase your brand awareness

No SEO problem

SEO no longer has to worry when PPC campaign is launched

Cost Effective

You pick how much you spend on the campaign.

Reach Audience

This helps you reach right audience

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Webtoils PPC Management Packages


Basic Package

$1,200 initial investment

$ 299 /per month
    • $0-3,000/month ad spend (paid to networks)
    • Up to 600 keywords targeted
    • Google/Bing Ads Network
    • Strategic bid management
    • Tracking for 150 web lead phone calls
    • Transcription for 25 web lead phone calls

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Work Package

$2,000 initial investment

$ 499 /per month
    • $3,001-$15,000/month ad spend (paid to networks)
    • Up to 1,500 keywords targeted
    • Google Ads & Bing Networks
    • 2 personal consultations
    • Fraud activity monitoring
    • Rule-based bidding management

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Smart Package

$3,000 initial investment

$ 999 /per month
    • $15,001 – $55,000+/month ad spend (paid to networks)
    • 12,000 keywords targeted
    • Google Ads & Bing Networks
    • Google Shopping management
    • Banner ad design
    • Website conversion analysis reporting

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PPC Consulting Services

Get expert advice for setting up a ‘well-oiled’ pay-per-click campaign that works.

If your company, product , service or industry is looking for a way to achieve high exposure within short periods, the best answer is pay per click ads. Successful pay-per – click (PPC) advertising enhances your organic results and drives traffic to your website, converts browsers to buyers, and provides long-term benefits.

This can be a perfect strategy to ensure that your site welcomes visitors, traffic and visibility as you develop an organic search results presence. You will work with an expert PPC consultant with a proven track record of helping customers reach their goals and exceed them.

  • Concentrate on a targeted segment of your campaigns or complete a comprehensive analysis of all your campaigns with flexible consulting options. It depends on your needs and budget. To make sure that you maximize your dollars for any PPC campaign, we review keywords, advertising spending and account settings.
  • While PPC can be a stand-alone product, a successful PPC advertising campaign complements your organic results and works in tandem with other search and social media marketing efforts. With Webtoils Development, we can develop the strategies that are cost-effective and appropriate for your business and industry for your PPC consultation requirements .

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