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Slide System integration is the process of integrating all the physical and virtual components of the organization system. The components are made up of different machinery, computer hardware, inventory, etc. eCommerce System Integration Learn More


Integration of eCommerce is the coordination of the eCommerce site and the back-end accounting and inventory (ERP) system of a company. Proper integration allows for the flow of information bidirectionally between the two systems , meaning that data must only be entered once into the system.

What to expect from integration with ERP

If you want to be successful online and keep up with the increased demand for digital ordering functionality, integration into your ERP, account and inventory software should be part of your eCommerce strategy.

Webtoils eCommerce suite, provides the complexity to allow ERP integration, which in turn allows you to easily account for and fulfill new orders, irrespective of when or where the sale takes place.

eCommerce Integration Services

It’s not that easy to open a web site and display your stock. The whole process from backed handling to payment mode to shipment tracking, and much more, requires additional business support. Actually there are many such online service providers that exist. Through our smart e-commerce integration services, we bring those entities together to work in tandem and provide the ultimate clients with a smooth experience.

Retailing consists of several independent activities, from procurement through post-sales. Each of these activities is powered by multiple IT systems that perform particular functions. It is very important that these systems are effectively connected, that they communicate with each other to ensure smooth operations.

We offer some common integrations

A fully integrated eCommerce Eco-system with internal systems connections.

  • Products Inventory: We help e-commerce entities to join hands with inventory providers in order to store and keep products safe before dispatch.
  • Accounting system: We assimilate the various accounting systems to help clients achieve the required level of expertise.
  • Shipment: We help integrate products easily and securely with shipping service providers.
  • Payment Portal: We coordinate with popular payment gateways to provide clients with a trouble-free payment solution.

Project Initiation

Project Owner takes up lead


Direct link of team members with client through skype

Support and Maintenance

30 days support and maintenance package

Quality Assurance

Test Plan and Test Scenario documents are prepared

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Many business processes are based on the systems. If the inventory drops below a per-prescribed level, the inventory modules in an ERP can trigger a vendor order. When a customer calls your support team, it is possible to file key takeaways from interaction in the ERP as a reference for future conversations. Custom reporting is possible when you want to analyze sales trends relative to specific operational decisions All this data visibility and accessibility helps organizations get the job done as efficiently as possible, but value creation hinges on getting information to the right people at the right time.

The importance of aligning data with operations is particularly evident in the application of ERP functionality to the e-commerce sector. Businesses have the opportunity to create greater visibility for customers and to automate data workflows between the website and the back office. This is possible when organizations integrate their ERP with their e-commerce platforms, allowing disparate systems to interact with each other with minimal human input.


Sales Consolidation

centralization of sales information from different areas.

Increased Productivity

ERP is known for to increase operational productivity

Revenue Generation

ERP solutions helps to generate revenue

Improved Customer Relationships

ERP include CRM functionality out of the box.

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